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"The Telugu Department at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies - Srikakulam Campus is a vibrant hub for the promotion and preservation of the Telugu language and culture. Our department is dedicated to nurturing a deep understanding and appreciation for the rich heritage of Telugu literature, arts, and traditions.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses the study of Telugu language, literature, history, and culture. Our experienced faculty members provide an engaging and immersive learning experience where students delve into the world of Telugu literature, poetry, and linguistic intricacies.

Telugu is not just a language; it's a window to a diverse and culturally rich heritage. Whether you aspire to delve into classical Telugu literature, understand the nuances of Telugu cinema, or explore the cultural significance of Telugu traditions, our department provides the knowledge and tools to connect with this vibrant heritage.

Join us at the Telugu Department and embark on a journey of linguistic exploration and cultural immersion, where you can celebrate the beauty and depth of the Telugu language and its enduring legacy."

Our Mission

Our mission at the Telugu Department is to preserve, promote, and propagate the richness of the Telugu language, literature, and culture. We are committed to providing a holistic and inclusive education that equips students with a deep understanding of Telugus linguistic nuances, literary treasures, and cultural significance. Through comprehensive programs, cultural events, and community engagement, we aim to prepare our students to become ambassadors of Telugu language and culture, fostering pride and appreciation for our heritage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading center for the study and promotion of Telugu language and culture, recognized both nationally and internationally. We aspire to cultivate a community of scholars and enthusiasts who are not only proficient in the Telugu language but also passionate about its literature, arts, and traditions. With a focus on inclusivity, cultural preservation, and global outreach, we aim to advance the understanding and appreciation of Telugu language and culture, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.

Dear Esteemed Students and Colleagues,

I extend my warm greetings to each one of you as we embark on a new academic journey filled with the richness and depth of the Telugu language. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I assume the role of the Head of the Telugu Department, and I am honored to guide you through this exploration of our cultural and linguistic heritage.

Telugu, with its ancient roots and vibrant expressions, is not merely a language; it is a tapestry that weaves together the stories, traditions, and soul of our community. As you delve into the intricacies of Telugu literature, poetry, and linguistic nuances, remember that you are not just learners but torchbearers of a rich linguistic legacy.

Our department is a family, and each one of you brings a unique perspective and passion for the beauty of Telugu. Embrace the challenges of mastering this language with the understanding that it is through challenges that we grow, both intellectually and culturally.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our academic pursuit. Engage in discussions, share your insights, and let the collective wisdom of our community propel us towards a deeper understanding of Telugu literature and language. Your contributions, no matter how small, are invaluable in preserving and promoting the essence of Telugu.

In your academic endeavors, may you find joy in every word, pride in every piece of literature, and a profound connection to the linguistic heritage that binds us together. As you navigate the intricate world of Telugu, believe in your abilities, cherish the camaraderie within our department, and strive for excellence.

Wishing you a semester filled with linguistic discoveries, cultural appreciation, and the joy that comes from immersing yourself in the beauty of Telugu.

Dr P Mukunda Rao

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Vibrant Literature Telugu literature includes classical works, modern poetry, and a thriving film industry.

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