The Training and Placements Cell (TPC) at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies (RGUKT) Srikakulam plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between academic learning and industry requirements. Committed to enhancing the employability of students, the TPC serves as a catalyst in fostering a strong connection between the academic community and the corporate world. Its multifaceted approach encompasses not only training students in various professional skills but also facilitating their placement in reputed organizations.

The Training and Placements Cell (TPC) serves as a cornerstone in shaping the future of students by providing them with the necessary skills, exposure, and opportunities to excel in the professional arena. Through its proactive initiatives, the TPC contributes significantly to the overall development and success of the student community at RGUKT Srikakulam.

Skill Development Programs: The TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam conducts regular skill development workshops and training programs to equip students with the essential skills demanded by the industry. These workshops cover areas such as communication skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical expertise, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the corporate world.

Industry Interaction: To provide students with insights into industry trends and requirements, the TPC organizes guest lectures, seminars, and industry visits at RGUKT Srikakulam. This exposure helps students stay updated on the latest advancements and understand the real-world applications of their academic knowledge.

Mock Interviews and GD Sessions: The TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam conducts mock interview sessions and group discussion activities to enhance students' confidence and communication skills. Constructive feedback from industry experts and alumni helps students identify and overcome areas of improvement, making them more interview-ready.

Internship Opportunities: Facilitating internships is a crucial aspect of the TPC's responsibilities at RGUKT Srikakulam. By collaborating with various companies and organizations, the cell ensures that students gain practical experience in their respective fields of study. Internships not only provide valuable hands-on experience but also serve as a gateway for potential employment opportunities.

Placement Drives: The TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam organizes on-campus recruitment drives, inviting a diverse range of companies from different sectors. These drives provide a platform for students to showcase their skills and secure job offers from reputable organizations. The cell acts as a liaison between students and employers, facilitating a seamless recruitment process.

Alumni Connect: Leveraging the network of alumni who have excelled in their respective careers, the TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam promotes alumni interactions. Alumni share their experiences, insights, and industry knowledge, guiding current students in making informed career decisions.

Career Counseling: Recognizing the importance of individual career paths, the TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam offers personalized career counseling sessions. Experienced counselors assist students in identifying their strengths, interests, and career goals, helping them make informed decisions about their professional journey.

Continuous Learning: The TPC at RGUKT Srikakulam is dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning. It regularly assesses industry trends and feedback from recruiters, adapting its programs to ensure that students are well-prepared for the evolving job market.


World Environmental Day 2k24

Honoring World Environment Day 2024 which carries the theme ,"Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience" with a meaningful initiative! Students' Gymkhana Center (SGC) and National Service Scheme (NSS), guided by the United Nations Organization (UNO), organized a plantation program in RGUKT Srikakulam with the participation of our esteemed Director, Administrative Officer, Finance Officer, Dean Academics, Dean Students' Welfare, NSS Coordinator, Program Officers, Faculty members and our SGC members.we planted 20 saplings for a greener tomorrow. Let's keep growingtowards a more sustainable future!1. **Tree Plantation Drives**: Planting trees on campus to promote greenery and combat climate change.2. **Cleanliness Drives**: Organizing campus-wide clean-up activities to promote hygiene and environmental responsibility.3. **Seminars and Workshops**: Hosting experts to talk about environmental conservation, sustainability, and the importance of protecting natural resources.4. **Poster and Essay Competitions**: Encouraging students to express their ideas and creativity on environmental themes through posters, essays, and other forms of art.5. **Environmental Pledges**: Encouraging students and staff to commit to environmentally friendly practices in their daily lives.6. **Documentary Screenings**: Showing documentaries and films related to environmental issues to educate and inspire the campus community.7. **Eco-Friendly Initiatives**: Launching new sustainability initiatives like waste segregation, recycling programs, or energy conservation measures.To get specific details about the World Environment Day celebrations at RGUKT Srikakulam, it would be best to check their official website or contact the university administration directly. They might have a detailed schedule or report on the activities conducted to commemorate the day.

05-Jun-2024 | Program

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