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1. Provide genuine feedback that reflects your experience with the faculty member. Your feedback should be objective, respectful, and focused on improving the teaching and learning experience.

2. If you have any suggestions for how the faculty member can enhance their teaching methods or address specific areas of improvement, kindly mention them.

3. Before submitting the form, review your feedback for clarity and accuracy.

4. Feedback is an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the educational experience. Your feedback is valuable in helping the faculty member recognize their strengths and areas for growth.


Alumni Talk with Ms. Swetha Bai Bavavathu

The Career Guidance and Lecture Series Club of SGC is hosting a student interaction session with Ms. Swetha Bai Badavathu, a top-placed alumni from RGUKT-Srikakulam, who secured a remarkable package of 19 LPA in Synopsys an American electronic design automation (EDA) company, Hyderabad. This session will focus on placement preparation.

20-Apr-2024 | alumni talk

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