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"The Physics Department at Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies - Srikakulam Campus is a dynamic center of scientific inquiry and discovery. Our department is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the physical universe and preparing students for careers at the forefront of scientific innovation.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers classical and modern physics, from the fundamental laws that govern the universe to cutting-edge research in areas such as quantum mechanics and astrophysics. Our experienced faculty members and well-equipped laboratories provide students with hands-on experiences that foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Physics is not just a subject; it's a way of understanding the fundamental principles of nature. Whether you aspire to explore the depths of the cosmos or work on groundbreaking technologies, our department provides the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Join us at the Physics Department and embark on a journey of scientific exploration and discovery, where you can uncover the secrets of the universe and contribute to the advancement of human knowledge."

Our Mission

Our mission at the Physics Department is to inspire and empower students to understand and explore the fundamental laws that govern the physical world. We are committed to providing a rigorous and inclusive educational experience that instills a deep appreciation for the scientific method and encourages critical thinking. Through comprehensive programs, interdisciplinary research, and a commitment to curiosity-driven inquiry, we aim to prepare our students to excel in physics and its applications, contributing to scientific advancements that benefit society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a recognized center of excellence in physics education and research, shaping the future of scientific discovery and technological innovation. We aspire to foster a community of physicists and researchers who are passionate about exploring the frontiers of physics and its interdisciplinary connections. With a focus on sustainability, inclusivity, and global impact, we aim to advance the boundaries of human knowledge in physics and inspire our students to become leaders in academia, industry, and scientific research.

Dear Physics Enthusiasts,

I hope this message finds you amidst the wonders of the physical world and the captivating challenges of scientific exploration. As the Head of the Physics Department, I am thrilled to lead a community dedicated to unraveling the mysteries that govern the universe.

Physics is the language of nature, and each equation, experiment, and discovery adds to the symphony of understanding that echoes through the corridors of our department. Your pursuit of knowledge in the fundamental principles of matter, energy, space, and time is a testament to your commitment to excellence.

In the vast landscape of physics, where every question begets another, your curiosity is the driving force. Remember that each equation you solve, each hypothesis you test, and each concept you grasp brings us closer to a more profound comprehension of the cosmos.

Collaboration is the key to unlocking new frontiers. Engage in discussions, share insights, and let the collective brilliance of our community propel us toward groundbreaking discoveries.

As you embark on experiments and theoretical explorations, embrace the challenges as opportunities to expand your intellectual horizons. Physics is a journey of perpetual learning, and your dedication to this journey contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Believe in the power of your scientific inquiry. In the pursuit of understanding the universe, you are not only students or researchers; you are explorers shaping the future of physics.

Wishing you a semester filled with illuminating discoveries, collaborative breakthroughs, and a profound appreciation for the wonders of physics.

Dr. Thirupathi Patri

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Dark Matter and Dark Energy Despite comprising most of the universe, these substances remain mysterious and unseen.

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