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"Vidya Deevena" and "Vasati Deevena" are two noteworthy government initiatives in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh that are aimed at providing crucial financial support to students pursuing higher education. "Vidya Deevena" primarily focuses on covering tuition fees, thereby reducing the financial burden on students and their families, while "Vasati Deevena" is tailored to provide assistance for hostel or accommodation expenses.

These programs are instrumental in promoting equal educational opportunities and empowering students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their academic dreams. The unique aspect of these initiatives is that the financial aid is credited to the mothers' accounts, recognizing the pivotal role they play in their children's educational aspirations and promoting responsible use of the funds. "Vidya Deevena" and "Vasati Deevena" underscore the government's commitment to making quality education accessible to all and reducing the financial barriers that may hinder students from achieving their educational goals.

  • Paying fees online is convenient as it allows you to make payments from the comfort of your home or any location with internet access, saving time and effort.

  • Online payments often provide immediate electronic receipts, making it easier to keep records for your financial and academic documentation.

  • Be aware of any additional charges or processing fees associated with online payments, and factor them into your budget.

  • Use UPI for "ZERO" processing fees while paying.

  • Always confirm that your payment has been successfully processed and that the fees have been received by the educational institution. Retain all payment confirmation emails or receipts.

  • If you encounter issues or have questions about online fee payments, contact our institution's finance officer for assistance and guidance.


Republic Day 2K24

"Honoring the past, celebrating the present, and shaping the future."Republic Day celebrations at RGUKT Srikakulam are a grand manifestation of patriotism and unity. The day commences with the unfurling of the tricolor, symbolizing the essence of the Indian Constitution. The entire campus resonates with the national anthem, fostering a sense of pride among students and faculty. Cultural programs play a pivotal role in capturing the diverse heritage of India, with performances ranging from traditional dances to patriotic songs. This collective celebration serves as a reminder of the principles that bind the nation together.Throughout the day, students actively participate in various activities such as parades, debates, and quizzes, emphasizing the importance of civic awareness and the democratic values upheld by the country. Inspirational speeches are delivered, underscoring the significance of the Constitution and the responsibilities that come with being citizens of a democratic republic.The festive atmosphere extends beyond the formal ceremonies, as students engage in community service initiatives, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility. The Republic Day celebration at RGUKT Srikakulam thus becomes a holistic experience, blending cultural richness, patriotic fervor, and a commitment to nation-building.

26-Jan-2024 | event

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